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Modern Transparent Table Lamps | Fatboy Transloetje


  • W6 x D6 x H10 in | Weight 1lbs
  • W15 x D15 x H25 cm | Weight 0,5kgs
  • Material | Polycarbonate
  • Wireless and rechargeable
  • 3 different light settings
  • Turn it on with the touch of your finger
  • LED Kelvin: 2700K (warm white)
  • It is intended for indoor use but can be used outdoors without the charger.
  • Comes in 3 colors
MTTL-007. In stock .


Do you recognize me? If so, you could be experiencing déjà vu! We’ve stripped down Edison the Petit to give you Transloetje. What’s in the name? We wanted to create a TRANSparent version of Edison the Petit. Luce means ‘light’ in Italian and when you translate it phonetically to Dutch, you will get the name ‘Loetje.’ It is as simple as that!