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Round Classic Fringed Carpet 6′ | Dutchbone Nelson


  • Ø69 x H1 in | Weight 9lbs
  • Ø175 x H2 cm | Weight 4kgs
  • Material | mixed fabric (57% viscose, 31% polyester, 12% linen)
  • It comes in 2 different colors
RCFC-001. In stock .


Carpet Nelson is inspired by the unique geometric Mandala patterns from Tibetan art and Tibetan Buddhism. There, the pattern of carpet Nelson is central to wisdom, concentration, inspiration, and inner enrichment. Often these patterns are painted on walls with a stencil, but now Dutchbone has designed a beautiful carpet from the Mandala art. Round carpets break the straight lines in your interior and provide a nice contrast. The carpet has a viscose pile, which results in a different color experience with different light incidence. Nelson is machine-woven in Belgium and hand-finished.